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  • No wooden sticks or “loaded” shafts please
  • Each team plays at least three (3) games
  • Games are 40 minutes (running time) with four ten-minute quarters (teams quickly change ends each quarter).  There will be a 2 minute half-time.
  • No timeouts
  • Each team fields 5 field players and a goalie
  • Face-off to start the game and each quarter.
  • Pressing/back-checking not permitted in clearing team’s defensive zone following a goal
  • All substitutions are on the fly.
  • Ball is hot at all times (no minimum number of passes)
  • 30-second shot clocks will be in use.
    • Shot clock restarts on any shot that caroms off the goalie and stays in play
    • Shot clock does not restart on any shot that caroms off the pipe
    • Ball that goes out of play off the goalie stays with offensive team with a reset of the shot clock
    • Ball that goes out of play off the pipe is awarded to defensive team
  • There is a 10 second count for the offensive team to get it out of the defensive zone.
  • Backcourt Rule in effect (i.e., no over and back)
  • “Home” team wears light jerseys; “Away” team  wears dark jerseys
  • Players are required to wear mouthpieces and standard equipment at all times
  • No more than three (3) coaches on the team bench at anytime.
  • In event of a tie, overtime is a three player shoot out (like penalty shots in hockey or soccer, each team initially picks three (3) players and each team takes turns on breakaways until the tie is broken)


  • Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, Adult – LIMITED CHECKING ONLY
  • NO ONE-HANDED STICK CHECKS AT Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam level (a one-handed check will be deemed a  slash whether or not contact is made with the opposing player)
  • No unnecessary roughness, late hits, foul language or unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated.
  • No Boarding; No Cross Checks
  • No High Hits or Hits to the Head, Neck or Back
  • No Hits Below The Waist
  • No “Ice Pick” Checks Allowed
  • “Brush Picks” are permitted (you may see the officials and/or tournament director(s) for demonstrations or explanations if necessary)
  • “Push Checks” are permitted if executed as follows:  1) hands together (no cross checking), 2) contact is made to the player’s elbow pads only, and 3) no excessive force or unnecessary roughness (you may see the officials and/or tournament director(s) for demonstrations or explanations if necessary)
  • No Running Over The Pick Man; No “Take-Out” Checks or Bull Dodges Intended to “Steamroll”  Defender (Defenders Have The Right To Their Space)
  • No Intimidation
  • No encouragement of excessively rough play by coaches, athletes, spectators, or fans will be tolerated.

PENALTIES (players serve penalty, except goalie)

  • Technical Fouls – Change in possession.
  • Personal Fouls – 2 minutes (releasable)
  • Major Fouls – 5 minutes ( 2 goals releasable) –Illegal Hits, Unnecessary Roughness, Foul Language and Unsportsmanlike Conduct  that, in the discretion of the official(s), warrants a 5 minute Major Four.
  • A Major Foul, in the judgment of the officials or tournament directors, may warrant game expulsion.  More than 1 Major Foul in a game results minimally in game expulsion.
  • Any player or coach who is expelled from a game must also sit out the next game. Tournament Directors reserve such other options as may be necessary to further the integrity of the tournament and the interests of safety.


  • Points will be awarded after each game, as follows: 2 for a win, 1 and  0 for a loss
    1. Head to head play – for two team ties.  For three team ties, all teams need to have played each other.  If all three did not play each other the digits 1, 2 & 3 will be drawn out of a hat done alphabetically.
    2. Total goals against.
    3. Total point differential in pool play (not to exceed +3 or -3 per game);.
    4. Coin-flip (1st team alphabetically calls the flip)
  • Forfeits will be considered a 3-0 victory for the team that is prepared to play
  • Game termination will be result in a deemed “tie” unless officials, in their judgment, terminate the game due primarily due to the conduct of one of the teams
  • Tournament fees are not refundable
  • Once registered online, rosters are set for the tournament; teams may not move or transfer players between teams within or outside the club regardless of eligibility