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Venue Food Policy

Pleased be advised that BucksMont Sports Center has an exclusive relationship with its food vendor, which operates the café stand concession on site. Accordingly, no food or beverages other than bottled water is permitted to be brought into the Center, except for coffee/breakfast items up to 11 am. We respectfully ask all our tournament participants to honor the Center’s policy in this regard. Thank you for your courtesy and consideration.

For your reference, the concession stand at the Center will be open for the duration of the event and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner items, as follows:

Hot Dog $2.00
Fries $3.00
5pc Chicken Tender $5.50
Cheese Quesadilla $4.75 w/ Chicken $5.25
Pizza $2.00
Nachos $4.00
Mozzarella stix $4
Hot Pretzel $2
Chips-Assorted $1.00
3 Fresh Baked Cookies $1.50
Muffin $1.50
Slushy $2.50
Frozen Coffee Drinks $4.25
Bottle Soda $2
Bottled Water $1.75
Fountain Soda $1.50 $2, $2.50
Churros $1.00
Gatorade $2.00
Gatorade Chews $1.50
Gatorade Recovery shakes $2.50
Gatorade Protein Bar- $3.00
Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea, French Vanilla Cappuccino